Running a business can be challenging.  However, facing those challenges with competent legal counsel can help tame the stress and create value. We can help you with a range of services to set you and your business up for success: 

Choice of Business Entity
  • Choice of Business Entity – We know that in business, people and relationships come first.  But we also know this:  The structure of your company can affect the tax bill, business licensing steps, financing options, internal governance rules, and future business transition options for your company.  Let us match your needs to the optimal business structure for you.

  • Business Governance – Business governance is fairly straightforward with one owner, but much more complicated with two or more.  If you’re not sure what would happen to your business in the event of a dispute, death, disability, or divorce affecting one or more owners, we can help.  We will look at the contingencies, and help you balance your costs with a solution set that fits.     

Sterling roomhires
  • Employment – From drafting employment agreements to advising on federal and state labor statutes, call on us to help.  Confused about when and how you can use a noncompetition agreement, a non-solicitation agreement, or a bonus restriction agreement to incentivize and guard against certain actions?  We can handle that too.

  • Human Resources – Questions about wages, benefits, paychecks, overtime, new hires, or terminations?  Confused about your options for using legal tools to address a tricky HR issue?  We can help analyze the situation and recommend solutions. 

man welding round window
  • Securities Law – Thinking of raising funds from others and using these funds in your business?  Let’s talk securities.  You might qualify for an exemption, or you might need to register your proposed transaction in accordance with state and federal securities and blue-sky laws.  We can help you figure out the steps.    

  • Private Debt and Equity – Borrowing money from friends, family, or colleagues?  Thinking of inviting a business partner?  We can help explain and document your rights and obligations.  Confused about the difference between secured and unsecured loans, or between shares and convertible notes?  We can explain. 

  • Bank loans – From a traditional line of credit to an SBA-guaranteed loan, there are many financial products that you can purchase from a bank.  We would be pleased to help you gauge the differences in legal rights and obligations, and their effect on your business. 

  • Read the Fine Print – In business-to-business agreements, most terms are open to negotiation.  This means that a “standard” form that was prepared in a particular context may cause harm to one or both sides of a commercial agreement when used in a different context.  We can draft or review the fine print for you, and do so efficiently.  We can help you gauge your business needs and risks, and prepare strategic agreements that create or protect business value. 

Deductions and Credits
  • Seeing the Big Picture – We enjoy stepping into the shoes of a business owner, and seeing the big picture.  For many business owners, business taxes are just one part of an overall bottom line that includes personal taxes and wealth.  If you’re starting a business, we can help you focus on reducing the tax burden on your company.  If you’re ready to sell your company and retire, we can help you gauge whether your business income tax strategy is helping you secure the most value for your business, or whether improvements could be made. 

  • Deductions and Credits – Startup costs, reimbursement of personal expenses benefiting your business, and paying yourself a reasonable salary to safely reduce your self-employment taxes.  These are just a few examples of practical tax planning that we can suggest for your day-to-day operations.  Would you like to see what tax credits are available based on various activities in your industry?  We would be pleased to help.   

  • Protecting Intangible Value – It’s easy to lose sight of things that you cannot always see.  With that said, the value of your brand, proprietary strategies, and publicly registered intellectual property such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks can add up to significant value if properly tracked and documented.  If you’re not sure how the intellectual property used in your business creates value, we would be pleased to explain and help you take the next steps. 

We assist owners of mid-sized businesses in a variety of fields, including:

  • Professional Services

  • Real Estate

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Finance

  • Electrical

  • High-Tech Manufacturing

  • Software Engineering

  • Construction

  • Food and Beverage

  • Retail

  • Insurance


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