Rose Law Firm serves as outside counsel to local and regional companies of all sizes. There are times when the best approach is using legal support outside of your company offering a new set of eyes and a fresh perspective on the legal issues at hand. We are committed to understanding our client’s industries and business objectives so that we can advise clients regarding the legal options that are best suited to meeting those objectives.

For example, we offer strategies to assist our clients to position their business so that they are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities and plan for the future. Some of our services in this area include:

  • Integrating Legal Advice with Business Valuations - Once you've taken the time to get a third party, expert valuation of your business value shouldn't you take the necessary steps to secure and grow that value over time?

  • Business Dispute -  We offer a full range of dispute services including litigation should the need arise.  

  • Negotiations & Settlement - Legislation and boundary changes can sometimes mean that businesses inadvertently find themselves on the wrong side of a ruling.  We have a strong track record of helping businesses negotiate and settle with government authorities and other third parties.

  • Taxation Strategies - The complexity of tax legislation means that many small business owners simply pay too much tax.  We've helped small business owners navigate through the complexity and deliver real savings to the bottom line.

  • Executive Compensation Strategies - For many small businesses recruiting and retaining key employees is critical to their long-term success.  One of the best ways of ensuring that your best and brightest stay will you and help you grow your business is through the development of long-term deferred compensation plans that reward employees for this growth.  Look at our Executive Compensation Services page for more detail.


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