The acquisition, sale, split-up, or merger of a business creates stress.  We enjoy reducing your stress by learning about your key objectives, providing our recommendations, and designing a strategic plan for your approval and our execution. We know that each industry and company is at least somewhat different.  We do not apply a cookie-cutter approach. We want our solutions to efficiently meet your needs. Here is a sampling of our work in M&A:

8f26dd417e9b44dba5e1039a4989b477Help Protect and Maximize Business Value

     Reduce owner dependence
     Confirm adequate insurance
     Strengthen alignment between owners and  employees
     Enter into strategic buy-sell agreements

Readiness to Purchase and Sell

     Keep records of business decisions
     Document and protect business assets, including intellectual                property and other intangibles
     Make business agreements transferable





     Coordinate with a valuation professional
     Be aware of material factors that affect value
     Contingency planning to preserve value



     Debt vs. equity financing
     Traditional or SBA-backed loans
     Secured vs. unsecured debt
     Personal guarantees

e7423c309d284c4eb2e4752f5e619e64Due Diligence

      Coordinate with accounting and other professionals
       Legal, financial, and operational fact-checking
       Identify required third-party consents
       Assess litigation and other liability risks

Transition Path Selection

      Family succession
      Strategic buyer
      Management buyout

6a8f795628c344c0be10f76c03fac60aStructuring an M&A Event

     Stock sale vs. asset sale
     Evaluate tax-free reorganization options
     Purchase price escrows, earn-outs, and adjustments
     Tax planning (special elections, installment sales, like-kind                        exchanges, adjustments of basis)
     Deducting vs. capitalizing costs

Definitive Agreements

     Allocation of risk between buyers and sellers
     Estate tax planning and reduction
     Philanthropy/charitable giving


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