Internal Transitions
Secure Your Legacy, Transition on Your Terms (2)-1

It is never too soon to begin planning your pathway for a successful transition. Have you ever imagined transitioning from your business? Or daydreamed about selling your business? Where do you see your future? Over 80% of owners expect to transition from their business within the next 10 years.


There is a high rate of failure (70%) in family-owned business transitions to second-generation owners

When surveyed only 40% of business owners felt that their transition was successful

Do you know what your business is worth from a buyer’s perspective, and are you mentally and financially ready to make the change?

Have you done all that you can to make your business as successful as possible to ensure a healthy transition?

Don’t become one of these statistics – 100% of all businesses will go through a transition – we want yours to be as successful as it possibly can be.

With our focus on Internal Transitions Law, we have a range of tools that will help us quickly determine a number of key factors including how dependent the business is on you. Whether you are thinking about transitioning your business now or a decade from now it's never too early to plan for a successful transition.

When considering a transition we believe that planning should revolve around 3 key dimensions:

Your family - after all, they are the reason that you've worked so hard.

Your business - protecting your assets, maximizing their value, realizing that value,      and retaining it.

Your wealth - beyond the sale of your business is secure for many years to come.

Services Offered

Transition Analysis
  • Business Dependency Evaluation: Understand how much your business relies on you and the implications for potential buyers.

  • Value Maximization Strategies: Techniques and legal advice to increase the attractiveness and value of your business in the market.
Legal Focused
  • Comprehensive Legal Review: Review and preparation of all necessary legal documentation to ensure a seamless transition, addressing potential issues before they arise.

  • Specialized Legal Counsel: Access to a team in various aspects of law, including tax implications, employment law, and contract negotiations.
Business Owner Disputes
Tailored Transition Planning
  • Family Business Succession: Crafting plans that honor family dynamics and business goals to ensure a successful handover to the next generation.

  • Employee Ownership Transitions: Facilitate the process of shifting ownership to employees, including setting up an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).
Post-Transition Support
  • Wealth Management Advice: Guidance on managing and securing your wealth post-sale, helping you achieve long-term financial security.

  • Continued Legal Support: Ongoing legal assistance to address any post-transition issues that might arise, ensuring continued compliance and protection.

Need Customized Consultation?

Embark on your transition journey with confidence. Schedule a personalized consultation with one of our seasoned legal team at Rose Law Firm. During this session, we'll dive deep into your unique business landscape and personal goals to craft a strategy that's tailored just for you.

Meet Our Lawyers

Adam Rose, the principal and founder of Rose Law Firm, P.C., has over 25 years of dedicated experience in handling complex corporate transactions with a special emphasis on mergers and acquisitions. His legal practice has been pivotal in guiding successful companies through intricate deals, particularly in Oregon, Washington, and California. With a deep understanding of corporate governance and fiduciary duties, Adam's focus extends to advising on ownership succession and ratifying defective corporate acts. His notable work history includes positions at Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt PC and Stoll Berne, making him a recognized authority in the field, frequently invited to speak at national conferences.
Tanya Chuck is a seasoned corporate attorney with extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, having practiced in both the U.S. and the Middle East since 2005. Her focus spans corporate structuring and complex commercial agreements across various sectors including startups, industrial firms, and energy companies. Tanya's international experience is complemented by her skills in navigating joint venture agreements and ensuring SEC compliance. With qualifications from the Inns of Court School of Law in London and fluency in Spanish and French, Tanya brings a global perspective and linguistic proficiency to her legal practice.
Ronald S. Bailis, holding degrees from IIT and the University of Chicago, has a robust legal background with significant experience in mergers and acquisitions. He has participated in high-stakes negotiations and the drafting of contracts, notably closing a complex merger and purchase involving three publicly held international can companies. His focus extends to various sectors, having represented businesses of all sizes in their organizational and contractual needs. As general counsel and part owner of a growing bank group, Ronald skillfully managed the transformation from a single bank into a NASDAQ-listed holding company with significant assets, showcasing his strategic acumen in corporate expansions and acquisitions.
Charlie Ford has an extensive legal career but limited specific involvement in mergers and acquisitions. His diverse experience includes stints as an Admiralty Lawyer, Corporate Counsel, and sole practitioner, engaging in various legal domains such as Trusts & Estate Litigation, Commercial Litigation, and more. While primarily focused on litigation and in-house counsel work for Oregon-based corporations, his role occasionally overlaps with business transitions planning and advising on corporate matters. Charlie's comprehensive legal background, bolstered by his earlier work in risk management and as a ship's officer, equips him with a unique, practical perspective on legal challenges, including those related to business transitions.

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