The team at Rose Law Firm provides the knowledge, skill, and breadth of a larger firm with the full care, attention, and competitive pricing that comes with a smaller practice. Our senior attorneys have, on average, 25+ years of experience, with most attorneys having practiced at big firms for many years. This experience allows us to strategize and execute deals and litigation efficiently, saving our clients money and maximizing value. In addition to our core team, we have developed an extensive network of contracted independent attorneys with whom we work closely. These attorneys are typically highly experienced in their areas and can complement Rose Law Firm’s team when appropriate.

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Adam Rose


Corporate, Business Advising, Litigation

Tanya Chuck website photo (5)

Tanya Chuck

Of Counsel

Corporate Transactions

Charlie Ford

Of Counsel

Corporate & Litigation


Bruce Knivila

Of Counsel

Corporate Transactions

Don Koehler

Don Koehler

Non-Firm Attorney

Litigation & Real Estate

  Rose Law Firm Maintains Relationships with Independent Non-Firm Attorneys in the following Practice Areas:


  Differences Between Firm Attorneys and Independent Non-Firm Attorneys:

Attorneys who are identified as “Partners,” “Principals,” “Associates,” or “Of Counsel” are all members of Rose Law Firm, P.C. or “Firm Attorneys”. All Firm Attorneys maintain a centralized conflict-of-interest checking system in common to avoid conflicts of interest.

Rose Law Firm also contracts with other independent attorneys and law firms in other states around the United States. With the approval from our clients, Rose Law Firm collaborates with these independent non-firm attorneys and law firms in various ways--Rose Law Firm assists in serving clients of these firms; and these independent attorneys are sometimes engaged on a temporary basis to serve clients of Rose Law Firm on discrete client engagements.As contemplated by Rules of Professional Conduct 5.5, individual attorneys at Rose Law Firm may associate with these independent lawyers on a matter-by-matter basis. On some litigation matters, these non-firm attorneys are admitted pro hac vice.  At the beginning of each matter when we associate with an independent non-firm attorney, Rose Law Firm verifies that the independent non-firm attorney does not have an ethical conflict of interest that would prevent the independent non-firm attorney from working with Rose Law Firm in representing the firm’s client on that matter. Because independent non-firm attorneys only associate with Rose Law Firm on specific and discrete matters, Rose Law Firm does not maintain a centralized conflict-of-interest checking system with these independent non-firm attorneys


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