Since its founding in 2012, Rose Law Firm has coalesced a team of capable, talented, and experienced attorneys.


In addition to our Firm Attorneys, we have also intentionally developed an extended network of collaborative relationships with Contractor Attorneys.  These Contractor Attorneys work at separate law firms that are independent from the Rose Law Firm.  These Contractor Attorneys work in association with the Rose Law Firm on discrete client engagements, as contemplated by RPC 5.5, and with the consent of the clients who are being served.


​​​To learn more about these lawyers (either Firm Attorneys or Contractor Attorneys) click on their picture for a full bio.

Firm Attorneys

Charles Ford 2.jpg
Heather Harriman 2.jpg
Don Koehler 2.jpg

Adam Rose


Business Transitions & Litigation

Brian Riske 2.jpg

Brian Riske

Associate Attorney

Corporate & Estate Planning

Crystal Hutchens

Associate Attorney

Business Transitions & Tax Law

Spencer Young 2.jpg

Spencer Young

Law Clerk/Paralegal

Corporate & Real Estate Law

Adam Rose 2a.jpg

Charles Ford

Of Counsel

Corporate & Litigation

Heather Harriman

Of Counsel


Don Koehler

Of Counsel

Litigation & Real Estate

Contractor Attorneys (practicing at separate and independent law firms)

Heidi Guettler 2.jpg

Heidi Guettler

Contractor Attorney

Corporate & Employment Law

Rebecka Whitmarsh-Wilson 2.jpg

Rebecka Whitmarsh-Wilson

Contractor Attorney

Corporate & Employment Law

Differences Between Firm Attorneys and Contractor Attorneys:


Rose Law maintains a team of employed and independent contractor attorneys who work with and represent the firm’s clients.  All attorneys identified as “Principals,” “Associates,” or “Of Counsel” are members of the firm or “Firm Attorneys”.  All Firm Attorneys practice together at Rose Law and maintain a common and centralized conflict-of-interest checking system designed to comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct and avoid conflicts of interest.


Rose Law also maintains collaborative relationships with a network of other independent lawyers who are licensed in various jurisdictions from around the United States.  Any attorney who is identified as a “Contractor Attorney” or "Co-Counsel" works at a law firm that is separate and independent from Rose Law. 


As contemplated by Rules of Professional Conduct 5.5, Rose Law may associate with these Contractor Attorneys occasionally on a matter-by-matter basis.  As in every situation in which another lawyer or law firm is associated to assist on a particular matter, at the beginning of working together with a Contractor Attorney on a specific matter, Rose Law undertakes to verify that the Contractor Attorney does not have an ethical conflict of interest that would prevent the Contractor Attorney from working with Rose Law in representing the firm’s client on that matter.  Because Contractor Attorneys only associate with Rose Law on specific and discrete matters, Rose Law does not maintain a centralized conflict-of-interest checking system with the Contractor Attorneys.  Rose Law only associates with or shares client files with Contractor Attorneys after disclosing and receiving permission from the firm’s client for whom the Contractor Attorney will be working.