Real property is often a business’s most significant capital asset—or liability. Whether real estate is the primary focus of your business or whether it’s just a necessary part of what you do, Rose Law Firm can help you manage, maximize, and make the most of your real estate interests in a way that’s integrated with the objectives and vision of your business. Our team collectively has decades of experience handling real estate and the complicated issues that go along with it. Here’s what our team has done, what we can do, and what we’ll do  for you:Two construction workers working_Pexels

Transactions  Purchasing, selling, and leasing properties of all kinds, from residential and commercial developments to factories to forests, we can negotiate, document, manage and close even the most complex property transactions.

Leasing Terms of a lease are dictated by the lease agreement and by the "statutes" of the state in which it is entered. We have a wide range of experience in helping secure your business. Using our unique approach, we help you every step of the way, from initial due diligence through exit planning.




Lending  We’ve done numerous commercial loan transactions, large and small, representing lenders, borrowers, developers, tenants, and other stakeholders in a wide range of commercial and industrial contexts.

Financing  Real estate financing is a complex area of law. It can be difficult to understand all the rules and regulations that apply to real estate loans, but it is important to know them in order to protect your rights as a borrower. If you have questions about the best way to finance your real estate purchase or refinance, we can help.

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