Internal Transitions is interdisciplinary. 
At Rose Law Firm, we use various legal disciplines—corporate, estate planning, tax, employment, intellectual property, and others—to make sure that you, the owner, receive the greatest possible value for your business.

Internal Transitions is collaborative.
Our attorneys work with CPAs, financial advisors, business appraisers, bankers, consultants and other professionals to create a full-service team dedicated to maximizing value for the business owner.

Internal Transitions is relationship-based.
Our practice is focused on the client’s long-term interests, needs, desires, and preferences, rather than concentrating solely on a particular transaction at one point in time.

Internal Transitions is about creating options.
We make sure that you are able to select the method, manner, approach, and timing for your business exit. We apply a systematic approach to the law to help you, the business owner, raise, realize, and retain the value that exists within your businesses, transition out of your present role and begin the next chapter of life on your terms, in your way, when you are ready.

Internal Transitions helps: 



the personal wealth ​concentrated in your business.


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