While no business owner chooses to experience a contentious business divorce, differences between individuals sharing ownership of a business often develop over time.  The conflict between owners, especially when the owners are also friends or family members, can have a chilling effect on the businesses’ bottom line and the owners’ ability to make important business decisions. Internal conflict can also take the enjoyment out of running a business. When the separation of ownership appears necessary or imminent, Rose Law Firm stands ready to help.

3c8a6e1dd6af43d5a82f419cf6b9e462-1Demand letter Used to ensure that the recipient complies with an agreement, or to ask for payment on bills when the recipient has not paid. While you can draft a demand letter on your own, looking for an experienced attorney who is familiar with legal drafting will be of great help in dealing with the complexities of this type of letter.

Litigation  Litigation takes place when two parties cannot resolve their differences outside of the courtroom. Filing a lawsuit is expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. Our attorneys consider litigation to be just another tool in the business owner’s tool kit.  It is our duty to fully inform clients of the potential advantages and disadvantages of using this tool. If litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys are ready to focus on strategies to achieve a quick and efficient resolution that is consistent with the business and personal objectives of our clients.

Arbitration  A dispute resolution method that can be used as an alternative to litigation in the case of a dispute. Arbitration is private, impartial, and often faster than court proceedings.  We can help you navigate this process and determine if this is the best method to resolve your dispute.

Mediation  A trusted alternative to litigation, mediation is a non-confrontational method of settling legal disputes where both sides have an equal opportunity to express their views. Our attorneys will be by your side during this process to resolve the dispute for you and your business.

Settlement  An agreement reached between the two parties to avoid proceeding through the court system and resolving their dispute. We will help you draft, negotiate, and finalize settlement agreements.

Post-Judgment  Once the dispute is resolved, Rose Law Firm can help prevent additional issues by preparing internal company agreements that provide an efficient process for resolving future disputes.

From litigation and settlement to post-judgment procedures, our team of attorneys and support staff are here to help you. Our attorneys are also available to utilize their skills in the areas of Trusts and Estates, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Transitions Law, Business Ownership and Operations, to help our clients prepare for their next steps, personally and professionally.  When the issues involved are complex and the future of your business hangs in the balance, seek the counsel of the experienced advisors at Rose Law Firm.

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