Vistage Group of Portland and the team at Rose Law Firm joined together to produce a webinar centering on the significant legal issues facing businesses in the time of COVID-19. Download the session today or watch online and sign up for our mailing list to be a part of future events. 

Resolving Disagreements Among Business Owners: A three-part webinar series presented by Paul Werder of LionHeart Consulting and Heather Harriman of The Rose Law Firm. 

Co-owners in businesses don’t always agree on things, and challenging times like these have dramatically increased disagreements among business owners. This series covered critical areas such as communication between business owners, what to do when you can’t agree, how to receive help along the way, what to do if you suspect your business partner is engaging in misconduct, and what your legal and non-legal options are for dealing with disputes.


Watch or Download each session below! 

May 13: Control and Decision Making
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Control and Decision Making

  • Who controls major decisions?

  • Shareholder rights & responsibilities

    • If you are the majority owner, what should you be careful about?

    • If you are the minority owner, what are your rights?

  • Common areas of disagreement & resolving them

    • Value of a clear decision-making model

    • Communication to prevent disagreement

    • How to deal with disagreement

May 20: Preventing and Addressing Owner Misconduct
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Preventing and Addressing Owner Misconduct

  • Types of misconduct

    • Theft, embezzlement, and misuse of company assets

    • Self-dealing and conflicts of interest

    • Breach of fiduciary duty

  •  What you should do if you suspect misconduct – a checklist

  •  Assessing the intention of your partner - intentional conduct or misunderstanding?

  • Building and rebuilding trust

    • At the beginning of a relationship

    • In the face of unintentional misconduct

May 27: Exit Strategies
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Exit Strategies 

  • Knowing when it’s time to exit & communicating effectively

  • Negotiated exit options

    • Appraisals

    • Internal sale/buyout

    • Sale to third party

  • Getting a third party involved – misconduct or planned exit

    • Mediation

    • Arbitration

    • Litigation


Heather Harriman 2.jpg

Heather Harriman

Litigation Attorney

Heather Harriman is an experienced business litigator.  Recently named a SuperLawyer in Oregon, Heather has practiced in all areas of commercial law and commercial litigation, including complex business disputes, contract disputes, evictions, collections, foreclosures, tax controversies, bankruptcy, and debtor-creditor law. Heather has extensive experience in working with owners to resolve business disputes.


Paul Werder

Leadership Consultant

Paul Werder has devoted over 30 years to helping business owners create culture-driven business success with stronger cooperation, leadership mastery and exceptional execution. He is the author of Business with Heart: A Better Way To Go To Work  and co-author of Flourishing Enterprise: The New Spirit of Business. His passion has always been helping people be successful from a strong foundation of well-being.