Don't leave your estate to chance!

Whether you need to make an adjustment to your current plan or are starting from scratch, you need someone you can trust who will work through the details and make sure your legacy is managed according to your wishes. If you are the owner of a business it may be even more important to make sure that you have provisions in place or there could be unexpected and destabilizing consequences for your business.​

Famous Americans who have died without a will include: Sonny Bono, Kurt Cobain, John Denver, Chris Farley, Howard Hughes, Martin Luther King Jr. and Prince.

Estate Planning Services

Some of our services include:


  • Estate and Trust Planning  - Is it time to consider moving beyond a will? Perhaps it is time to consider preparing a trust. One of the main benefits of a trust, unlike a will, is that it takes effect as soon as it is created meaning that you have more time to distribute property.  

  • Business Succession Planning - Have you ever thought about who will take over your business when you are ready to retire - are you planning on selling it?  And if so, to whom?  Do you know that less than 10% of business make it through two generations of family ownership.  Planning at least five and preferably 10 years away from transition ensures that you have the best plan in place to protect your assets and maximum their value.  Learn more about Business Transition Services.

  • Wealth Transfer Planning - There are good, tax effective ways to transfer wealth between generations and there are other less effective ways.... what type of planning do you have in place?  

  • Estate and Trust Administration - Do you have the necessary tools in place to administer your estate and/or trust.  We do, and we're able to help our clients with all of their administrative needs at affordable prices.