The Rose Law Firm is pleased to offer the following complement of legal services to assist business owners in maximizing and retaining the value of their company:

Real Estate

Real property is often a business’s largest capital asset—or liability. Whether real estate is the primary focus of your business, or whether it’s just a necessary part of what you do, Rose Law Firm can help you manage, maximize, and make the most of your real estate interests.

Real Estate
Commercial Transactions & Agreements

There are times when the best approach is using legal support outside of your company offering a new set of eyes and a fresh perspective on the legal issues at hand.  We offer strategies to position your business so that you are prepared to take advantage of opportunities and plan for the future.

Real Estate
Incentive Compensation

Compensation is an important factor in attracting and retaining key employees and can be a creative tool in structuring a business succession plan.  Rose Law can help you sort out your options whether you're building your executive team, or exploring options for transitioning ownership to a trusted employee.

Executive Compensation
Estate Planning and Probate

You've worked hard to build your business to succeed and hope to pass your estate to the important people in your life.  Rose Law Firm can assure that you are prepared, so you can enjoy the things that matter.

Commercial Transactions
Business Operations

Running a business can be challenging.  However, facing those challenges with competent legal counsel can help tame the stress and create value. We can help you with a range of services to set you and your business up for success.


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