• Transactions. Purchasing, selling and leasing properties of all kinds, from residential and commercial developments to factories to forests, we can negotiate, document, manage and close even the most complex property transactions.

  • Lending and leasing. We’ve done numerous commercial loan transactions, large and small, representing lenders, borrowers, developers, tenants and other stakeholders in a wide range of commercial and industrial contexts.

  • Taxation and financing. We’ve structured and executed 1031 and 1033 exchanges, preserving and maximizing equity value and navigating complex issues of taxation at multiple levels.

  • Development. We can help you acquire, construct, finance, manage, lease and sell developments of new commercial or residential properties, or reconstruct, improve, refinance or restructure existing developments.

  • Environmental and regulatory. We’re familiar with environmental and other issues with real property that involve regulations, agencies, governments or municipalities. We can help you avoid regulatory traps, or, if you’re already in one, how best to resolve it.

  • Insurance. Protecting your real property investments in the most prudent and cost-effective way is a key focus of our real estate services. We’ll help you obtain, maintain and get the most value out of property, lender and title insurance.

  • Condominiums. We’ve created master deeds and governance systems for new condominium projects, and we’ve bought, sold, converted, redeveloped and transitioned existing condominiums.

Real property is often a business’s largest capital asset—or liability. Whether real estate is the primary focus of your business, or whether it’s just a necessary part of what you do, Rose Law Firm can help you manage, maximize, and make the most of your real estate interests in a way that’s integrated with the objectives and vision of your business. Our team collectively has decades of experience in handling real estate and the complicated issues that go along with it. Here’s what our team has done, what we can do, and what we’ll do for you:

Most importantly, whatever your business’s situations or challenges regarding real property are, Rose Law Firm will help achieve your needs within the context of the best strategy and vision to realize your overall business goals. We’re good at the nuts and bolts, but we never forget they’re all part of a broader picture.

For most individuals, their home is their largest single asset.  Protecting the value of that asset is important, and often requires experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel.  Whether it is the purchase or sale of your home, a boundary dispute, title issue, renovation or refinance, the Rose Law Firm attorneys have the experience to guide you, advise you and assist you in any legal issues you may encounter regarding your home.  Our real estate team can:

  • Purchase or Sale.  Purchasing and selling your home, and the financing that comes with it, can be complicated.  Sometimes the standard forms don’t protect your interests. Title reports are sometimes unclear and may affect your ownership rights.  We can help.

  • Refinance.  We can negotiate terms and conditions associated with the refinance of loans secured by your home and advise you in making sure you fully understand the effects of provisions in loan documents.  Your mortgage broker can’t offer you legal advice and they may not tell you that you might be able to get a better deal.

  • Boundary Disputes.  Disputes with neighboring land owners, easement holders or governmental entities sometimes arise with regard to location of boundaries.  We will represent your interests in obtaining the best possible results in resolving such disputes.

  • Title Issues.  An unknown or undisclosed mechanic’s lien, easement, or right-of-way can be particularly distressing and have a negative effect on the value of your home.  We can represent your interests with the title company, seller, contractor, utility or governmental entity in resolving the issue so that the title to your home is unencumbered by unwanted clouds on title.

  • Construction and Renovations.  Building your dream home, or making additions or renovations to your home is a stressful endeavor, particularly when you are investing a large amount of money into the project.  We know what to watch out for and how to protect you and your investment.  We can ease your stress and concerns by negotiating the terms and conditions of construction agreements and making sure that your interests are properly addressed.