With over 20 years of experience, I have had the privilege to practice law in a wide variety of areas from (a) corporate and securities transactions, to (b) corporate and securities litigation.  I have also had the opportunity to practice at one of the largest law firms in Oregon and now at one of the smallest.  Most of my clients need assistance from lawyers who can provide assistance in both (a) certain specific narrow areas of the law, but also (b) in a way that integrates the law across numerous legal disciplines.  In general, clients of the Rose Law Firm appreciate and expect us to provide a more comprehensive approach where strong legal skills are complemented with both a strategy mindset and a keen understanding of business and interpersonal realities.  At the Rose Law Firm, we are proud to provide big-picture, holistic legal counsel and advice to our clients.

I started the Rose Law Firm with a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to business law and litigation, one based on developing relationships between legal fields, and with other professionals, to draw on the best available expertise in pursuing the client's interest. It is our goal—in fact, our purpose—to combine the knowledge, skill, and breadth of a larger firm with the full care, attention and competitive pricing that comes with a smaller practice.


At the Rose Law Firm, our focus is on providing practical legal solutions that integrate with our clients' business, financial, family, and personal goals, interests, and objectives.

Our goal is seeing you reach your goals. Your success is our success!

          - Adam Rose, Principal